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A small message to each of the people in my cell phone contacts...
Learning How to Smile
I don't think you consider others at all, because you have yet to feel any repercussions.

It was fun while it lasted. Something about you always seemed too uptight, though.

In the back of my mind, I wonder how much you loathe me, and how much I scarred you.

I see you as a lost soul, and I don't know how I can help, if it's even possible for anyone to do so.

I wonder if you really think it was all worth it, of it you ever worried about backlash.

You were always very nice to everyone. It's a shame you're so far away now.

I feel terrible for all that's happened to you recently.

I constantly find myself questioning why you don't keep in touch, and forcing those thoughts out.

I'm getting tired of the constant questioning. I'm not some oracle.

I never really knew you, one way or the other. You were always pleasant, though.

Like with so many others, I regret falling out of contact with you.

I always admired your skill.

I'd like to see what you've learned, and see what knowledge we can share.

I miss you. You've a spirit that burns brightly, and I'm maybe even jealous of that.

You need to stop complaining and getting on other people's cases so much. You alienate them.

We mostly knew each other through working together, but it was fun.

Something about you always seemed strange to me.

Sometimes, I questioned if you could ever be simply calm and serious. You never displayed that.

You were very knowledgeable, but something always seemed off.

We ought to hang out more.

You had a tendency to be irritating, histrionic, and a bit of a braggart. You were nice, but I'm not sure how much I miss you.

I never really knew you, only got your number because of working with you.

You never seemed very reliable.

It was good while it lasted, even if you were a little histrionic.

You shared a lot of things in common with me. It was fun meeting a kindred spirit.

I don't keep in touch with you much, either, but you're a genuinely good person, which makes you a rare find.

It was always fun, though I regret having to run out on you some times.

I never noticed your eye until after you had the surgery for it.

I never sided with you because you never seemed that reliable or truly good a person.

I kinda miss your eccentricity. It made things fun.

You don't listen to any of the things I've said I really hold important. It hurts, and in spite of that, I'm still waiting. I'm not sure how much you appreciate that, or me.

I'm jealous of your abilities, too. You always made it seem so easy, but never lorded it.

You were always a good sport, even if sometimes I couldn't understand you through your accent.

I miss you. You were always quirky and fun, and we had interesting experiences. The distance is a shame.

I worry about you. You always try to be lighthearted, but I wonder how much you've bottled up.

It was fun while it lasted, and you were very nice to me while it did, even though I was a complete stranger. You're a rare person, and we need more like you.

You occasionally cross my mind, and I wonder how you're doing, since it's been a while. I miss those practices.

You're another one who's always pleasant, and who I wonder how much you're bottling.

Your eyes always seem to have an ulterior motive.

You try to be nice, but something always seems off with you.

You were a fun person, but sometimes I had to lie to build you up and make you feel better. I don't regret doing so.

You were always a sort of cover story. Thank you for putting up with it, and doing what you could.

Something about you seems a little dark. It's like you have some sort of ulterior motive, too.

You try to be a good man. You've things you need to figure out on your own, though. Don't always rely on others, but do learn from them.

Sometimes, I think you're trying to keep too close and sometimes a slightly inappropriate hold on me.

You were a nice girl. It's a shame things wound up the way they did, because you were the right sort of person.

It worries me how much you look at the bottom line, and not enjoyment, too.

You were always a good guy.

It's nice to have reconnected. I think I see you more than anyone else from the group.

You always seemed a little overshadowed, but I think you've come into the light a little more on your own.

You always seemed a little stand-offish to me.

It always amuses me how weird you can be.

I always get the vibe that you're trying to wall me off in some way.

Your emotions vascillate a lot. I question the dynamics of your relationships.

You're always a nice person, especially to me. I wish I had more "you"s in my life. I wonder if I wouldn't be happier.

Your antics were always fun, though something about your laugh threw me off.

I'm always suspicious of you. I don't like the vibe I get.

Something about you made me always feel you didn't belong in that group.

You were also nice to me. Thank you.

The inside joke is fun, but I tire of it. Perhaps because of how long it's been since it's been employed.

What I hear of you tells me you've changed much for the worse. I worry about others for it.

I'm not sure whether it's good or bad you moved.

I was always jealous of your talents. You always impressed me.

You always only seemed civil.

It was always a little strange how your mood never seemed to change.

I miss you. Your mix of eccentricity and seriousness was refreshing, and I'm jealous of your ability.

It was fun while it lasted. You were clever, and I found myself occasionally jealous of you. You always seemed a little laid-back, like things didn't matter.

You don't seem that reliable.

You're more so, but a little stand-offish, I think. I do think you're trying to overcome it, though.

One of my greatest regrets is how I left things between us.

You've always been a good friend to me. You're irreplaceable.

I worried a lot about you, because of a lot of reasons. To date, I hope that worry was unfounded.

I don't really remember you.

I remember you being pleasant, but that's it.

You were a good match for me - a lot like myself, which made the year work.

You were eccentric but fun. It was good while it lasted.

You were always a lot of fun to hang out with.

You're a good friend to me. I wish I could be the same, though perhaps that, like other things, is one-sided.

You were never that memorable to me, save for your generosity that one time. I don't know why I have your number.

You were fun, but I think you relied on me too much.

I can't hardly recall who you are.

I hope you know what you're doing.

You made for some great stories.

Lots of good times with you.

I'm a little worried that the distance that was always there between us has turned to emnity somehow.

I can't remember who you are, or why I have your number.

I'm not sure I want to face you any time soon. A lot has changed.

Your choice always was a little strange to me. I hope it worked out for you, though.

Something about you seems like a strange fusion of "nice" and "conniving".

I wonder what happened to you.

You put up with a lot of my eccentricities, and you trust me. I'm flattered for both, and regardless of what you say, I still hold that disparity between us.

I don't know why I can't seem to get to know you or connect with you better.

You were always good to me, if a little polar in your opinions.

I wonder what happened to you. It was good knowing you.

I wonder if I scared you off.

I can't quite connect with you either. You hold things a little black-or-white, which might be a part of that.

You need to learn to stand by yourself. You're not mature enough for your age.

My opinion of you has changed greatly recently. I wish I could say it's for the better.

We only had the thing in common that allowed me to meet you, but I wish I could have learned more from you.

Something about you makes me feel like you want to be a leader, but are never sure.

I think time has healed things, but you stay away for fear of reminders. I fear them too.

I miss you. You were a fun person, and I think some of the things I've talked with you about have scared you off.

I can't really recall who you are, even though you're the most recent person in that category.

I hope you know what you're doing. I'm not confident.

You were always good to me, and fun to be around. I miss you.

You were always a little strange, and a little inconsiderate, I feel.

You were another good match, when you weren't snoring.

It was good to get to know you. It took a while, and unpleasant events, though. Sometimes, I think you relied on me a little too much, though.

You had always seemed stand-offish, but you were warmer than I thought. I can say I'm pleasantly surprised.

You took the information better than I thought back then, and were a pleasant person after.

It's always good to see you, though you need to work a little harder at keeping in contact with people. I'm still waiting on those comments.

You knew a lot more than me, but were always patient with me. I regret having fallen so out of contact.


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